Monday, 10 September 2012

Big Brother 2012 Sarah Eviction
Big Brother evictee Sarah Wentworth-Perry, left, says the sex talk on the show left her tongue-tied.
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Big Brother begins

Meet the 10 Big Brother house mates who are all hiding a secret.
Big Brother
Sarah Wentworth-Perry pictured during last night's live eviction episode. Source: Supplied
Big Brother
Sarah Wentworth-Perry farewells the other housemates. Source: Supplied
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SHE was older and sometimes wiser than her Big Brother housemates but the latest evictee Sarah Wentworth-Perry admits there's one thing that got her tongue-tied with her TV rivals - talking about sex!
The 30-year-old says some of the saucier talkers in the house, especially Angie and Zoe, left this confident car saleswoman lost for words.
"They could talk for hours on sexual stuff and some of it just wasn't in my vocabulary," the Wagga Wagga woman said.
"If they put the cameras on my gob-smacked face all of the time, it would have been like 'she's shocked again.'"
The ease with which the 20-somethings shared their sexy stories only reinforced the generation gap for their BB elder.

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