Thursday, 13 September 2012

Man insists on divorce, threatens suicide

This is Anyaso's third attempt in 5 years to get his marriage terminated
A petitioner at an Ikeja Customary Court, Isaac Anyaso, on Tuesday, insisted he would commit suicide if he was not separated from his wife.
Anyaso, who was on his third attempt to get a divorced from his wife, Emeld, after two failed attempts, said he could no longer endure the union.
"If I continue living with her, I will commit suicide, which I don't want to do. So they should dissolve the marriage," Isaac insisted.
He said he had once employed the intercession of a pastor in the marriage, but to no avail.
Emeld expressed surprise at being summoned to court upon receipt of the hearing notice at the weekend.
She told the court that she was surprised because she had not quarrelled with Anyaso.
"I spoke to his brother about it, and he went to discuss with him, but I don't know the outcome of their discussion," she added.
Emeld, however, accused her husband of infidelity, adding that he also wanted her to continue with a family planning injection she did not like.
"He commits adultery and I told him to stop it, that if he gets any disease it will affect me. He told me to take an injection for family planning monthly, but I stopped the injection because it was affecting me and I explained to him," she said.
The court president, N. Ipaye noted that the couple had repeatedly appeared before the court for "the same reason".
"You were here in 2007, and 2008; why are you here this time?" He asked.
"On January 15, 2008, you were in this court, and he (the petitioner) said that the elders who were supposed to intervene in the matter all travelled, so what came up this time?"
Ipaye urged the couple to respect the marriage institution, referring to it as "a contract between three people: husband, wife, and God."
"So, you should try and make your marriage work," he added.
The case was adjourned to September 24 for definite hearing.

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