Thursday, 13 September 2012

evangelist caught red-handed having sexual intercourse with a pregnant sheep

What in the world is with people nowadays and their newfound fascination of sheep? After posting up a recent article about a sheep giving birth to a half human/half sheep baby or creature, whatever it was, all I can do is just sigh at this next story.
The residents of Abesim near Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana are in a state of disbelief after hearing the news which broke sometime last week about a self-styled evangelist caught red-handed having sexual intercourse with a pregnant sheep.
News like this of course has spread like wildfire and has attracted a huge crowd that prompted the police of this town to want to go investigate said pastor and his sheep “wife.”
According to the police, Pastor Gordon Yeboah, 20, confessed at the station to having sexual intercourse with the animal, claiming that when he saw the sheep, he experienced an unusual feeling within him, prompting him to have sex with the animal.
He was caught in the act as he was having sex with the poor sheep and it was the loud bleating of the sheep as a result of the possible excruciating pains it was suffering, which alerted people in the area that something was wrong. It was actually a local farmer and his friend who stumbled upon such a scene.
The farmer had first thought that the pastor was trying to steal the sheep but after carefully observing the situation, he realized that the pastor was actually having sex with the animal. You would think the abnormal act would bother the ‘man of God’ but he was really adamant on finishing what he started with the sheep. When confronted by the farmer, Pastor Yeboah knelt down and begged him not to repeat to anyone what he had just witnessed and even promised the man to give him anything he wanted. Well we all know how that story ended.
Police reports state that Pastor Yeboah held the two hind legs of the pregnant sheep which had been tied to a tree raised them up to his waist level for easy access and had sex with it. The pregnant sheep was then sent to the vet to be examined, while investigations are still ongoing with this case.
The pastor is currently in police custody and is looking to be charged with unnatural carnal knowledge.

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