Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sheep Delivers Half Human Creature In Nigeria.

There’s too much craziness going on in the world. This just adds to it. It clearly states in Exodus 22:19 “Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal is to be put to death.” (NIV) So do you feel that whoever commited this next crime should be put to death or a less severe punishment would be acceptable? Well residents of Sokoto metropolis in Nigeria are just as confused as to how this incident could occur.
Earlier this year on January 22, news suddenly came into town that a sheep had given birth to an odd creature at a government owned veterinary clinic in the state capital. During an operation on the sheep, it was discovered that there was a monster-like creature in its womb.
According to Daily Sun, the sheep was having trouble delivering which is what prompted the operation to happen. After the sheep delivered imagine the look on people’s faces when it delivered a “baby” that looked half-human.
Of course this drew attention and drew thousands of onlookers that came from all over to see the strange “baby.”The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NCDSC) had to intervene in the state to break up the huge crowd who were demanding that the owner of the animal should come out to explain what led to the mystery birth even as they insisted that the owner must be probed and possibly executed.
Some of the curious people who spoke with Daily Sun said that the occurrence that led to the discovery of the monster-like lamb, with many arguing that a man might have had sex with the animal. Garba Aminu, a commercial motorcycle rider, stated that: “This is an abomination in our land. To see a sheep give birth to a half human being is a mystery and that shows how terrible some people are.
It is unimaginable that some people will be having intercourse with animals.” This comes as a huge shock to the people of Sokoto as they are extremely religious. So lets get to talking. How do you think this “baby” came to be born?

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