Tuesday 14 May 2013

Top Nollywood Actress Caught Trying To Lace Her Lover's Food With Juju

A recent story published by YES! Magazine allegedly reported that a Nollywood actress (name witheld) was caught trying to lace her lover's food with Juju.photo
Read below;
She Cries......‘It’s not to kill him, but for him to marry me’

Another major scandal has just blown open in Nollywood. Even though two of the drama personae are running up and down, fighting hard to kill it.

The reason being that both of them had initially denied dating. They even swore at some point.

The producer is married with children, but the actress is still single. Both of them are from the same state in the South East.

As a matter of fact, their villages are not too far from each other. Both fair complexioned (or bleached, if you like) and slim.

The guy had claimed at the inception of their clandestine romance that he was managing her.

They went everywhere together, worked on the same sets and practically did everything in unison. At some point, the two were labeled the snail and its shell because they were hardly ever apart. Something, however, eventually threw them apart. The guy allegedly caught the gal trying to lace his food with juju!

He had gone out, came back suddenly when he stumbled on the gal in the act. As would be expected, the gal who is hairy and has two unmistakable marks on her face broke down and wept ceaselessly, pleading with the guy to forgive her.

Upon being questioned by the guy on the rationale for her action, she said it was just to ensure that she has the guy for keeps; also that he marries her and never leaves her for other woman. She swore that the juju was not to kill the guy. Reminded that the guy is married, she became tight-lipped, and increased the quantity of her tears as well as the volume of her crying. The guy is on his own as you read this.

Likewise the girl. With the few who are aware of what is happening between them watching from the sidelines, and muttering: Na God catch dem. The guy read Theatre Arts and the girl – English Language.

The guy made his name as an actor before crossing over to directing. The girl made her name executing a virgin role with another married producer with whom she also had an affair.

He is in his 40’s and she is in her 30’s.

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