Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bulawayo allegedly attempted to fondle his mother-in-law

Man Proposes To Mother-In-Law, Attempts To Lick Her Privates
In an incident that left the whole suburb shell shocked, a Bulawayo man did what one should never even fantacise or think of.
Tendai Shoko (28) of Gwabalanda in Bulawayo allegedly attempted to fondle his mother-in-law, Hilda Nyoni (46), whom to him was too beautiful to ignore, so it seems. Reports say Shoko PROPOSED LOVE TO HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW sometime this year and was turned down. Shoko could not take NO as an answer and allegedly went on pester her for love.
It alleged that last weekend, Shoko went to his mother-in-law’s place of residence in Luveve, in a bid to ‘knock sense’ into her mind, but was turned town as usual.
Having realised that ‘asking nicely’ was not going bear intended fruits, the son-in-law decided to forcefully grab what he has been longing for. Shoko jumped on top of her mother-in-law before trying to kiss her, it is alleged. Without wasting much of the ‘precious moment’, Shoko allegedly fondled the woman’s br*asts and attempted TO LICK HER PRIVATES, it is reported.
The woman eventually managed to set herself free from the man who is almost half her age. After notifying her neighbours, she reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of her lustful son-in-law.
Shoko was not asked plead when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Richard Ramaboea. He will be back in court on 2 July facing aggravated indecent assault charges

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