Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"He Is 22 Years Older Than Me, But His Sex Is So Good" - Girl Seeks Help

I am dating a man who’s 22 years older than I am. I am deeply in love with him. His sex is so good that I can’t resist. As soon as he touches me, I become soaking wet.

I have never liked the idea of dating older men but he has changed that perception, He is a very experienced man. Not only sexually, but very educated, decent a well spoken. He doesn’t trust me, he’s a control freak, I can’t leave the house without him thinking I have gone elsewhere.

He has sexually linked me with every male friend that I have either had a fling with them in the past or they are intending to have a sexual relationship with me. When we fight he hits and pushes me.Recently, he’s been in touch with his ex-girlfriend of 6 years.

I can’t tolerate that woman, she’s the reason why my boyfriend has had a divorce 3 times . She’s always popping into the picture making our relationship difficult. He’s always telling me he’s not in touch with her, I shouldn’t worry and he doesn’t love her. Recently, i have started noticing some changes in his behaviour towards me.

He doesn’t hold me, kiss me, give me attention, tell me he loves me and we don’t do things that we use to do. He goes out all day without calling me and will later give me some excuses.

This same week, i caught him on the phone talking to his ex- girlfriend of 6 years at 2am. As soon as I walked into the room, he chucked his phone away and had a very suspicious look, I cried my eyes out the whole night. In the morning he told me that he’s ignored her phone calls so many times that she couldn’t anymore.

He’s always having an affair with this girl even when he was married. If he can have a relationship with her while he’s married, who am i for him not to cheat on me with her? Could it be that they are back together? I think he’s cheating on me, I know he is not the right man for me because he doesn’t treat me like I deserved to be treated but I am deeply in love with this man. Do you think he loves Me? Should I walk away from this relationship?

I need your advice.

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