Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The vice chairman said the children were taken to the PHC in the area 
where tests were conducted on them and it was confirmed that the 
children had been defiled. Two children of a community leader in the 
area were among the victims. Chairman, Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA, Alhaji 
Shakiru Adisa Yusuf said he was shocked when he heard the story, 
adding that such a person is worse than an animal. 

"I was shocked because I am also a parent. Why must he go after 
innocent children? Such people should not live in this community," he 
said, adding that the council would pursue the case to ensure that 
justice was done. 

"We will collect the tests conducted on the children and hand them 
over to the state government. We will pursue the case to a logical 
conclusion. This man has brought disgrace to this community, " he 

Acting Director, Child Development, WAPA Ministry, Mrs Mosunmola Dada 
said the issue was disgusting, adding that such a man must be a 
paedophile and vowed that the government would ensure that he was 
prosecuted. "We have evidences against him. The Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA has a 
medical report on this case. We will monitor and follow up this case," 
she said. 


The suspect, in his statement at the Ayobo Police Station, was said to 
have admitted that he raped some children, but that he only raped four 
and not eight. P.M.NEWS could not get to him as he was in custody of 
the police, while the Divisional Police Officer, DPO of the station 
was not around for comments. One of the victims, an eight years old 
girl (name withheld) told P.M.NEWS that the suspect told them to help 
him arrange newspapers in his apartment, adding that, "after that, he 
told us to go into the next room. 

"He asked us to remove our panties and I asked him what he wanted to 
do to us. He laid me on the bed and defiled me four times. He covered 
our mouths with white handkerchief and threatened to kill us if we 
report," she said.Another victim, a 12 years old girl (name withheld) 
alleged that the suspect "licked my private part. He called me and my 
friend in. He asked meto bring N100 fufu for him, which I brought. 
While I was waiting for the money with my friend, he asked my friend 
whether she could keep a secret. 

"He asked me to pull off my panties but I did not answerand he forced 
me and licked my private part while he slept with my friend and 
defiled her too. He gave us N50. I told my friend that I will tell my 
mummy, but he threatened to kill us if we told anybody." 

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