Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Two women arrested in Abuja for child abuse offense

Two women arrested in Abuja for child abuse offense
Two women are already cooling their feet in police custody in the Federal Capital Territory for alleged child abuse offense.
The women were arrested by the special task force of the FCT Secretariat for Social Development Secretariat for gross abuse of children under their care.
The children who are entitled to enjoy parental protection from their respective aunties were separately ill-treated by them for failure to meet the work load they were assigned by them.
Eight-year-old Amarachi was bathed with hot water by her angry aunt Ifeanyinwa Igbeanyi for her inability to wash her cloths properly while 13 year old Blessing got burnt with hot pressing Iron by her aunt Mrs. Vanessa Ayoola who she serve as a house help.
The arrest followed a tip off by neighbours who have been angered by the continued maltreatment of the children and reported both incidences to the secretariat to rescue the children.
Secretary of the Social Secretariat Department, Mrs. Blessing Onuh directed the gender department to take custody of both children and initiate reunion of the children to their biological parents.
She also directed that both Ifeanyinwa and Vanessa be prosecuted according to the provisions of the Child right Act while admonishing parents and guardians to ensure that their children and wards are adequately catered for.
Mrs. Onuh said that children are gifts from God for the family and a blessing to the union as such when God entrust any parent with children who are defenceless it behoves on the parents to provide protection and care to the defenceless children.
She condemned the attitude of women who pick up children from the poor families under the guise of providing them a better living condition  but turn to subject them to the kind of torture meted out to Amarachi

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