Tuesday 23 October 2012

Four Nigerians arrested for pressuring girls with voodoo in Italy

(ANSA) – Four Nigerians were arrested by Italian police in Naples on Thursday for allegedly forcing fellow country women into pros* ti *tu *tion by applying physical and psychological torture, including voodoo rituals. Italian police investigating the alleged crimes used phone tapping to determine the course of events.
The two couples being probed had been granted political asylum in Italy and lived in two separate residences in the Borgo Sant’Antonio area of Naples. The four people promised other Nigerians back home secure jobs in Italy, and requested payment of as much as 70,000 euros to transport them to Europe from Africa.
Once in Italy, the couples forced their victims into pros* ti *tu* tion through threats, voodoo rituals and in some cases held their children as a form of extortion to force the women to repay their travel debts.

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