Sunday 28 October 2012

Nolan Sister Bernie Faces New Cancer Battle

Singer and actress Bernie Nolan has revealed that the cancer she fought two years ago has returned.
The lead singer of sister group The Nolans has vowed to fight the disease once again, although doctors have told her it is incurable.
She told the Sunday Mirror: "I refuse to sit around like I've got a death sentence. I'll fight this forever - it can get stuffed."
Bernie, mother of 13-year-old Erin, recently celebrated her 52nd birthday.
She told the newspaper: "OK, it's not curable. But the doctors have promised me the cancer is treatable, it's containable.
"I'm on medication which is controlling it, and people have lived for 12 years on these drugs. Who knows what new treatments are around the corner?"
The star beat breast cancer in 2010, but now the disease has returned and spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones.
The first warning sign came in the summer when Bernie spotted a lump on the same side of her chest as she had her mastectomy two years ago.
A biopsy was carried out and a week later she learned the bad news.
Her surgeon told her and her husband, Steve Doneathy, it was likely they would need to remove the lump, and a course of radiotherapy would follow.
She told the newspaper. "I didn't even cry. I think I was in shock a bit, and I was angry."
Bernie, who is touring in the musical Chicago until December, kept the news to herself but an appearance on ITV1's Daybreak earlier this month put her under further pressure to go public.
Now, two weeks after explaining the full situation to her daughter, she felt the time was right to speak.
The singer, who also acted in The Bill and Brookside, will finish her run with Chicago and, after one day off, starts the panto Sleeping Beauty in Eastbourne.
However, a planned tour by The Nolans, due to start early in 2013, has been postponed.
Her sisters Anne and Linda have also suffered breast cancer and each has beaten the disease.

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