Wednesday 24 October 2012

From Deeper Life, a spiritual banquet for artistes

Artistes gather in Lagos at Kumuyi’s invitation, resolve to pray for Nigeria, uplift youths
WHEN  the likes of  ‘Commander’ Evangelist  Fabiyi Obey,  renowned comedian, Moses Olaiya, alias Baba Sala, Evangelist Taiwo Owoniyi alias Telemi, Mrs. D. A. Fasonyin and other musicians, actors and actresses from different parts of the nation trooped into the Banquet Hall, National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos on Sunday, it was in response to an invitation.
The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi  had invited them for  a special prayer programme  entitled : ‘Special Day for Musicians, Actors, Actresses for prayers on Salvation, Protection and Breakthrough’.
According to the Chairman of the event, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey: “Pastor Kumuyi thought it right to bring musicians, actors and actresses together to pray for as many as were confronted with challenges, pray for their progress, advise them on ways of making use of their talents for the  benefit of  mankind as well as praying against the problem of piracy that has bedeviled the music and film industry.
“With this large turnout of musicians, actresses and actors, we also have the opportunity of praying for our great nation, Nigeria
“I attended Deeper Life in the 70s, which actually helped me to grow spiritually and I am very happy that the church has spread all over the world and remains one of the churches preaching the truth with concern for those in our industry.
“I consider  this event a  rare opportunity and that is why I happily accepted to be the chairman of the occasion.”
According to Obey, piracy has been a huge concern to musicians and actors and has also adversely affected a lot of people in the industry.

“Pirates are reaping from the fruits of other peoples’ labour, and it is a danger that everyone that belongs to the industry dreads.
“We have fought it in so many ways and here we are again together to fight it prayerfully and we believe that our good Lord will see us through in Jesus Name.  Amen.
This is also a unique meeting to help as many as are in the industry realize that our talents are to be used for the benefit of other human beings, making them better people in the society and not the other way round because music and plays have a very great power in influencing peoples’ lives and we are expected to build and not to destroy.
“The society needs us because of the impact of what we do and we can use this medium to improve our society, build our nation by feeding them with the right music and play that would mould the people, make them God-fearing, thereby transforming our society for the better.
“I am, therefore, not only happy for the large turnout today, but for the fact that we have all agreed to be the agents of change in our great country by identifying with the One who created us and committed this great and delicate task in our hands,” he said.
Speaking through the Head of Yoruba Church of the Ministry, Pastor Rufus Bamigbayan, Kumuyi admonished the artistes to emulate King David in the Bible who was not only a great singer, but used his talent rightly to benefit people of his own time and those of us today reading the wordings of his music.
“The need to ask God to renew the right spirit in you so that you can effectively handle the delicate talent given to you would require you to answer these questions:  Who gave me this talent? In the course of my using the talent, who do I exalt?  What has been the outcome of my songs and play and how does God view that in heaven? What do I have at the back of my heart each time I want to play or sing? How many peoples’ lives have I improved through my songs and play or do I spoil peoples’ lives and scatter homes?  Where do I get power to preserve my popularity or do I enter into covenant that would damn my soul in the end because I want to make money or be popular?” he asked.
Kumuyi told them to seek for those blessings that would make the Giver of their respective talents happy, which can only be achieved by faithfully answering the questions above and swing to the side that would positively affect peoples’ lives and fill the society with godly-minded people.
“Kings and chiefs have limited influence in their kingdoms, but musicians and actors including actresses have powerful influence on the people generally and especially the youths who succeed the old generations and become leaders of tomorrow.
“How does your music prepare them and in what ways are your plays creating the future society for these youth?  Music and plays are like seed you sow and would germinate one day.  What type of seed are you sowing for the coming generation?” he asked.

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