Tuesday 1 January 2013

Again, Nollywood mourns

Bisi KomolafeThe Nigerian film industry again grieves over the death of promising actress, Bisi Komolafe, writes GBENGA ADENIJI
 The showbiz industry was again thrown into mourning on Tuesday following the death of a fast-rising actress, Bisi Komolafe.
 Many refused to initially believe the news which started trending online on New Year eve, especially as a similar story was erroneously reported on Friday by an online platform, claiming that a prominent actor was dead.
The truth about Komolafe, however, manifested when some of her colleagues confirmed the news.
When our correspondent called cross-over actress, Foluke Daramola, she was all tears and when asked what was responsible for her weeping state, she said the industry had lost an actress, revealing her to be Komolafe.
There were speculations concerning how she actually died.  While it was said that she was slightly sick, an online source said she died in the University College Hospital, Ibadan after suffering complications from a four-month pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage.
Actress Lizzy Anjorin, who told our correspondent that she got wind of the news via the picture of the late actress displayed by some of her BlackBerry contacts, added that if it was true then it was a huge loss.  She stated, ‘‘I had met her on set many times. She is a nice person, a very nice actress.’’
Also, popular comedy actor, Bolaji Amusan, otherwise called Mr. Latin,  said he heard the news on Tuesday. Commenting on the deaths in the industry, Mr. Latin explained that death was not occurring only among actors and actresses.
Saying everybody would definitely die someday, he noted that there was nothing anyone could do when death comes.
He added, “People die daily. Only God knows the number of people that have died globally between the last day in 2012 and the New Year. But because of our closeness to some people and for the fact that they are famous, we tend to express great loss when they die. The popularity of dramatists and the love people have for them often make their fans lament whenever any of them dies.’’
According to him, even if a dramatist dies five years ago, the death of another one may make some people to say that many of the industry practitioners are dying.
‘‘It is the love they have for actors and actresses that make them think so. Death is inevitable. But it is so sad that while people are rejoicing for the New Year, friends, fans and colleagues of Komolafe are mourning. She was a great and talented actress, very promising,’’ he noted.
The deceased actress had featured in Igboro Ti Daru, Omo Ghetto and Imisi Esu.
In 2012, the industry lost dramatists such as Akin Ogungbe, Gogo Ombo, Ahmed Oduola (Dento), Enebeli Elebuwa and Pete Eneh.

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