Thursday 10 January 2013

Expert calls for update of ICT curricula in universities

Mr Anibe Onuche, Network/Communication Manager, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, on Wednesday called for an update of the curricula of ICT related courses in Nigerian universities.
Onuche told NAN in an interview in Lagos that the appraisal was essential to improve the quality of ICT graduates from the nation’s universities.
“More than 70 per cent of the computer programming and languages being taught in most Nigerian universities are now outdated compared to modern day technology.
“There are new programmes and languages being introduced every day and we need to update our curricula to keep abreast with the latest developments in the ICT sector.
“For instance, sometime last year, HTMO5 and CSS3 were introduced as web-based technology and the future of mobile technology and these things are not taught in our schools,” he said.
Onuche urged the Federal Government to take proactive measures to make the nation’s universities produce world class ICT graduates.
He said that the current school curricula did not favour innovation and skill acquisition because ICT had gone beyond that level.
“There is a difference between future contributors and future users of ICT; a trader can always buy a laptop and access his mails, he is a user.
“But someone who actually goes to school to learn computer or ICT related courses is a future contributor; if he is adequately taught, he can actually come out with innovative solutions to address national problems,’’ he said.
Onuche said it was worrisome that graduates still had to attend private institutions at huge costs to acquire recent ICT innovations because of outdated facilities in universities. (NAN)

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