Tuesday 27 November 2012

Everyman Wants A Baby With Me, Says 17-Year-Old Girl Who Began Posing Nude At 10

photoA controversial 17-year-old music fanatic, who admits to flirting with most Urban Grooves artistes, has denied links with an evil society known as Illuminati - a suspected source of riches for some international artists.
Rosemary Shuro - better known in the music circle as Rose Barbie - is also battling allegations that she is having sex with local urban groove artistes just to become famous. Rosemary has become a celebrity since her naught pictures leaked.
Also leaked are loads of chat messages between her and a long list of Urban Groovers including, Abra Simmz, Nox, Freeman, Dr Clarence, Jimmy (Extra Large), King Labash, King Shaddy, Madiz, Russo, Shastro, Stunner, Trinta, just to mention a few.
When contacted by our news crew, Rosemary refused to discuss her alleged Illuminati links saying that is none of anyone's business. Interestingly, there are some pictures in which she was displaying some of the symbols that are associated with the Illuminati society. She was not willing to talk about the alleged evil links but rather opted to discuss on 'flirting' with artistes.
"If you want to ask me about the Illuminati stuff then I'm not going to talk to you. Stop asking me about that. It's my personal business," she fumed. "I'm also an artist and just like posing nude showing off my ass and flirting with artistes and I don't sleep with them and Victor D is my only boyfriend," added Rosemary.
She claims to be a Hip-Hop artist, who grew up in Masvingo where she did her primary education at Rujeko Primary School. Rosemary went to Ndarama High School for her Form One. She was expelled for misbehaving and then she left for South Africa.
"I started posing nude and getting interested in music when I was 10 years old. I have two personalities - Rosemary Shuro who is the innocent girl and Rose Barbie who is reborn, crazy and fearless. Now seems like every guy wants to have a baby with me," she said.
With her naughty pictures flooding the social networks, Rosemary is happy that her father is not on the social networks. "I don't have a mother and my dad doesn't know what I do since he is not familiar with the social networks," she said.

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