Monday 26 November 2012

Swap 15 Minutes for $600 here

Everyone else that has already joined the team is profiting big. While your sitting there thinking is this a scam or not.
You can think what you like but your losing right now because of past experiences.
I'm here to tell you I was just like you…
Read the email, thought to myself there's no way this can help me in any way what so ever. In the trash bin the email went.
Opportunity after opportunity I threw them alway.
Until I found myself with $86 in my pocket and $2,982 worth
of bills sitting on the table.
I could take a chance or have all my stuff and children's stuff on the sidewalk like a garage sale. Kicked out my home because I didn't take chances.
I finally took one and I'm loving the results…
It's your turn to take a chance!
[Abraham Ekong Frank]

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