Wednesday, 21 November 2012

6-Year-Old Girl Hits Rapist On His Private Parts With Her Knee

photoA man was left clutching his private parts when a six-year-old Grade One pupil used her knee to hit him in the groin as he raped her.

The man immediately let go of the girl but threatened to kill her if she told anyone. He then disappeared from the scene while tightly holding onto his manhood. The incident which occurred at Maqaqeni area in Inyathi on Thursday was yesterday confirmed by police spokesperson for Matabeleland North, Inspector Billie Dube.

"We have launched a manhunt for the suspect who had effected a slight penetration before he was stopped by the complainant who used her knee to hit him on his private parts. He will definitely be charged with rape," said Insp Dube.

He said the child was coming from Loriondale Primary School with two friends. "They were walking along a road towards Mahamba Business Centre when an unknown man suddenly emerged from a bush and chased the children," said Insp Dube. He said the man caught up with the Grade One pupil, while her friends managed to escape.

"The man dragged the child into a nearby bush and started raping her. However, the child managed to raise a knee and hit him on the private parts, forcing him to stop. The man then told the child that he would kill her if she told anyone about the rape. He then disappeared into the bush," said the police spokesperson.

He said the girl went home and did not tell anyone. "However, when her grandmother was washing her clothes, she discovered some blood and a discharge on them. She questioned the child who told her what had happened. She then proceeded to make a report at Inyathi Police Station on Saturday," said Insp Dube.

He said the girl was taken to Inyathi District Hospital for a medical examination. Insp Dube said parents and guardians should encourage children to speak out whenever they are abused.

"Parents should encourage children to report abuse and not to fear threats from perpetrators. Once children make a report their parents should not* doubt them but should go straight to the police. That is one way we can all play a part in fighting the evil of child sexual abuse," he said.

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