Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MIRACLE: 45-Year-Old Barren Woman Finally Gives Birth To Twins From Eggs She Froze 12 Years Ago

A mother has given birth to a record-breaking set of twins from eggs frozen 12 years ago, giving fresh hope to cancer survivors wanting to become parents.
Monica Zapotoczny, 45, of Buenos Aires, gave birth to the twins from the eggs she had frozen at the age of 33 - surpassing the previous record of seven years, the Daily Mail reported.
After several failed attempts at IVF treatment, Zapotoczny and her husband 44-year-old Guillermo Husak, had thought that they would never have a child of their own.
They had one final attempt last year and fortunately Zapotoczny became pregnant with non identical twins - Mercedes and Guadalupe, who were born in January by caesarian section.
As well as offering new hope to cancer survivors who are holding off having children, the news will come as a boost to career women who are having children later in life to focus on their job.
"It was a miracle. The joy we feel is indescribable, our family is complete. I hope other women who freeze their eggs can take hope from this that their dreams can one day come true," said Zapotoczny.
Fertility specialist Gillian Lockwood of, Midland  Fertility Services, recommended that women have their eggs frozen in their twenties and early thirties as the number of high quality eggs produced will be greater.
Lynne Featherstone, an international development minister who was in charge of equalities until September's reshuffle, said childbirth was a 'barrier' to women's career success, last week.

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