Monday, 19 November 2012

My ward is pregnant at 13

Please help me resolve this problem in my home. It has to do with ward and my younger brother. My ward’s parents died when she was still young. She was actually handed over to my mother by the elders of our village and who in turn handed her over to me when she was about to die.
I was warned by my mother, never to drive her away, no matter what.
Despite my husband’s opposition to my decision to bring her home, given his limited resources, I still held on to her.
When she started sprouting, my husband called me to warn me against leaving her in the company of my younger brother. I ignored him because I thought my brother also took her as his sister.
It wasn’t until recently I discovered that my brother was sleeping with her.
It isn’t only that: she is three months pregnant and only 13. My faith doesn’t permit me to abort for her but what will I tell all the people who witnessed my mother giving her to me and her instruction that I look after her? If my daughter who is her age isn’t pregnant, what will I tell people? Besides, my husband has threatened to drive me out of the house if I don’t send her out of the house. He says he cannot continue to habour my brother, the girl and their unborn child.
This trouble is too much for me. I don’t even know how I am going to confront the villagers with this development at all.  My brother is 25; he has finished his university education and service year but is yet to secure a job.
The issues are all beyond me.
Confused Woman.

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