Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Police Raid House, Finds 12 Teenage Prostítutes, Married Men Pants Down

Acting on a tip off, police on Saturday night raided a house in Mabelreign which allegedly is a haven of teenage séx workers, strippérs and hard drúg pushers.

About 60 people including 12 teenagers were rounded up and taken to Mabelreign police station. Used cóndoms and mbanje were discovered in the rooms as armed police with sniffer dogs made arrests and picked up the house owner. Some of the people were later released after a screening.

The house No. 6 17th Road, Mabelreign - is believed to be owned by one Frank Rezika who was however, NOT in a position to give his side of the story as he was now in the hands of the police. According to residents - whose allegations prompted the police action, city dealers and prominent personalities frequent the 'brothel' and splash large sums of money for séx services.

What was of major concern was the age group of the prostítutes who were caught half naked. "Dealers splash money ranging from US$100 and more. It's very disturbing because some school girls are also coming there to cash in," said one resident. Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tadius Chibanda, confirmed the arrests.

"I can confirm that we raided the place together with the dogs section as there were reports of illegal drug activities. The owner of the house was caught with a sachet of dagga. Information we gathered so far shows that there was a function at the house but as for the reports from the residents of the illicit activities, we will continue monitoring the place until we get to the bottom of everything," he said.

One of the neighbours said: "Everyday we witness posh cars driven by sons of famous people hooking up with young girls who are paraded for séx with old men at the house. You see them in uniform on arrival and they change when inside. About 18 of these girls are accommodated there. They disguise by braaing as if they will be holding a party while they book rooms for quickies. people actually pay US$5 at the gate. Drugs are sold inside while free beer is served to the invited people only."

When our news crew arrived at the house, armed police officers were searching the house with sniffer dogs. The arrested teenagers said they were having a farewell party for their departed friend Nothando who was the 'queen of the pack'.
Nothando happens to be musician Peter Moyo's ex-girlfriend. She died in a car accident in Harare about 10 days ago while in the company of her unnamed male friend. Nothando grabbed headlines after the accident which claimed her life - where her nudé pics with peter Moyo in a hotel room leaked.

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