Tuesday 13 November 2012

Sharia Court dissolves marriage over man’s inability to provide food for his family

One of the major conditions for a man to marry, according to Islamic law is his ability to make provisions for feeding, clothing and shelter for the wife, wives and the children.
Consequently, a Kaduna state Sharia court today dissolved the marriage of a 23-year-old mother of one, Maijidda Waziri, over the failure of the husband to take up responsibilities as the bread winner.
Embittered Waziri brought the case on October, 17, 2013 urging the Sharia Court at Magajin Gari to grant her prayers for the formal dissolution of her marriage on the grounds that her husband, Mohammed Sani, had failed in his obligation to feed the family, and that she had to rely on her parents for food.
The presiding judge adjourned the suit three times, during which the complainant presented three witnesses, including her father in-law to support her evidence.
However, in his verdict, Malam Ibrahim Inuwa said the complainant had proved her case beyond reasonable doubt and granted her request by severing the marriage, giving room for both parties who are to go their separate ways.
“From today, Nov.13, 2012 the court has granted divorce to Maijidda Waziri and she is no longer the wife to Mohammed Sani. The Prophet said if a man is not capable of meeting these conditions he should fast. Lack of feeding is against the Sharia provisions on marriage,” he pronounced.

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