Wednesday 26 December 2012

Man drowns in hotel swimming pool

It was an unexpected tragedy on the Christmas day as a twenty-five-year-old boy (names withheld) got drowned at the Imo Concord Hotel Owerri Swimming pool.
The euphoria associated with Christmas was all over the hotel as fun seekers of different ages, backgrounds and colours were found in different directions enjoying themselves.
The boy was said to have taken several bottles of beer in the name of enjoyment and became intoxicated in the process. He felt that by making a dash at the pool, he would regain consciousness. But little did he know that he was making his last move on earth. It was when some fellow swimmers noticed that he was no longer in control of himself that they alerted some people who rushed to him and assisted in pulling him out of the pool.
Almost immediately, he was taken to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, for attention. But, as soon as he got to the hospital, he gave up the ghost. The people who brought him to the FMC were then advised to take his corpse to the Aladinma Hospital Mortuary.
When the manager of the hotel learnt of his demise, she became annoyed and went back to the pool side and directed the other swimmers to leave the pool side, adding that the management had warned them on several occasions not to get drunk when swimming because of the risk involved.

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