Friday 21 December 2012

ShareI See the Presidential Jet Develop Man-Made Fault ––Primate Ayodele

The founder of INRI Evangelical Church World Wide, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele has revealed that the death of Governor Patrick Yakowa and Gen. Andrew Azazi would have been averted, if divine warnings were not taking for granted.
He has however warned President Goodluck Jonathan to sanctify his Presidential Fleet to avert an air disaster that would throw the nation into deep sorrow.
"We are going into another year, again. Help me to tell President Goodluck Jonathan to sanctify his jet. Evil will not befall the nation. I could see the presidential jet developing human made mechanical fault."
Primate Ayodele, who spoke with Daily Independent in Lagos, said he saw in a vision that a presidential jet developing human made mechanical fault.
Calling on Nigerians to pray fervently, he said: “The Almighty will protect the president and may he overcome his enemies. I am neither an aviation expert nor a scientist, but God asked me to warn this nation and its leaders beforehand”.
He expressed regrets over the death of Yakowa, Azazi, and four others in the latest helicopter crash.
Bemoaning the crash which occurred in Bayelsa State on Saturday, Primate Ayodele said:
“I am indeed in pains and I regret (the) attitude of the people to the word of God. On October 27, 2012 on Page 7 of Saturday Independent, we had warned immediately the Taraba State governor survived a plane crash, which I had earlier predicted, and told the nation what to do to avert more crashes as danger was not over yet.
“I called on Nigerians, after writing personal letters to people in government, to pray to avert yet another crash. Here, we are, I am urging the prayer warriors not rest at all. ”
“Saturday Independent is my witness. I think government and the people of this country will do themselves more good by reading your Daily, Saturday and Sunday publications.
“This calamity is painful. As human being, I was touched when I heard the news after reading Sunday Independent.
“We did not just give the warning, we also proffered solution. Only those who heed the word of God will be covered under the shadow of His mercy.
“If those in government have taken us serious, we would not have been mourning now. Let them look unto God and stop seeking help where He dwells not”, Ayodele advised.

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