Friday 21 December 2012

Nollywood Actor,Nonso Diobi`s 'Twin' Brother surfaces

So many of us know Nonso Diobi and his talented acting personality that has made him an obvious star in the industry
The man claiming to be is twin brother named himself Ani Obinna, and he said he decided to make his picture public because people always call him Nonso Diobi,below is his mail:
I just discoverid that people look at me somehow when I walk on the street, I didn't know what the matter was until some close friends begin to tell me that I look like one Actor. because am not really a movie freak, i didn't know who they were talking about. So when it became too much, I went online to get his picture,merged it with mine, and the result is the picture below.
So am still looking for a way to make this known to Nigerians and Nonso Himself that Nonso Diobi has a look-alike. help broadcast this picture.
Don`t you think this is a striking resemblance?

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