Sunday 30 December 2012

NUPENG blames FG for fuel scarcity

The federal government has been blamed for the lingering fuel scarcity in Abuja, Lagos and other major cities of the country.
Chairman of the South West zone of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, (NUPENG) Mr. Tokunbo Korede said it is government rather than his union that was responsible for the scarcity.
In an interview on Radio Inspiration FM monitored in Lagos, Mr Korede alleged that government had not made enough products available.
Dismissing speculations that his union was responsible for the scarcity, Mr Korede declared “The federal government is responsible for the lingering fuel scarcity. The truth of the matter is that there is non availability of the products at the loading points”
Mr. Korede, who insisted that officials of government were not telling the truth maintained that the tanker drivers were at the loading points waiting for products but there were no products to load.
According to him “Our tanker drivers are there waiting for products that are not available , the tanker drivers are not on strike. The simple truth is that there are no products in spite of the promises by government to ensure adequate supply during the festive season”.
Mr. Korede, who blamed the fuel subsidy scam and its fall out as being responsible for the perennial scarcity said government officials should have told Nigerians the truth instead of the present lies they are peddling.
“If they actually had enough supply of products as they are claiming, there wouldn’t have been any scarcity because apart from the tanker drivers who are ready to move products, all the vandalised pipelines have been fixed. These government officials have just been lying about the situation” he said.
The NUPENG chief called on the government to apologise to Nigerians for subjecting them to the hardship of fuel scarcity during the festive season.
“The government officials should apologise to Nigerians for a policy that has failed instead of telling lies to the people”. He painted a grim picture for the future of the oil sector saying the situation was worsening from” frying pan to fire”.
In spite of promises made by the Presidency to flood the country with petroleum products during the yuletide to avert a scarcity, fuel queues returned to major cities in the country ruining the fun of the season.

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