Monday, 3 December 2012

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made $3.5 billion in November

Facebook CEO Mark ZuckerbergGoogle Finance has quoted a closing price for Facebook of 28 on Nov. 30, 2012. Facebook, Inc. is written up as a United States-based company, which operates as a social networking Website. Facebook develops technologies which facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph, which is the digital mapping of people’s real-world social connections. November was a good month for Facebook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In an article today, Dec. 2, 2012, Seth Fiegerman has reported for Mashable, November was a good month for Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
On the first day of trading in November Facebook‘s stock shot up from $21.08 a share to $28 a share at the end of the day Friday, which is its highest price since July. Zuckerberg, who owns about 504 million shares of Facebook stock, has therefore gained about $3.48 billion. Zuckerberg’s shares were worth $19.1 billion when Facebook first went public at $38 a share in May.
November has been one of the best months yet for the stock. This can be attributed to a strong earnings report in late October, which showed that Facebook has been making progress in monetizing mobile. Also, the second and largest lockup period for stocks held by employees finally expired in the middle of November, which was something investors had been concerned about for months and which appears to have held down the stock price. As of Friday, Zuckerberg’s net worth was $14.1 billion and will probably grow more as Facebook continues to meet with success.

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