Friday 14 December 2012

"Our Goal Is To Service Everyone In Nigeria"

One common sight in Nigeria is men hawking sunglasses which are evidently low quality. But what if you could get sunglasses of great brands delivered to right to your doorstep, with quality guaranteed? We had a chat with the man who has made that possible in Nigeria.
His name is Jaime Moreno and he is the CEO of
Hello Jaime, tell us about yourself; family and educational background.
Jaime: Hi. I'm from Spain, although I've lived in quite a few places around the world. I studied a double major in Law & Business Administration in Spain and Italy
Jaime: I worked for several years at J.P. Morgan, in London and Hong Kong. There, I was involved in Mergers and Acquisitions for Internet and eCommerce companies, that's when I started in the eCommerce space.
But my full baptism in eCommerce came early last year, when I went to open and lead the Rocket Internet office of Spain as Managing Director.

How did you get started? What inspired you to begin sales of sunglasses in Nigeria?
Jaime: I came to Nigeria to help lead a fashion eCommerce business for a few weeks back in mid-2012. During that time I observed that there were a lot of fake glasses being sold all over the place. Eye health statistics also showed that a lot of Nigerians were visually impaired as a result of using counterfeit eye-wear. That inspired me to start as an online optician for Nigerians, a place where they can get guaranteed quality at reasonable prices.
Having visited your website, you have quite a lot of ‘expensive’ sunglasses, how are people’s reaction to the website? What type of feed-backs do you get?

Jaime: It is true that a lot of sunglasses on are not what you would call “low cost”. However, many people are looking into quality, and they're willing to pay a price.
Nevertheless, our goal is to service EVERYONE in Nigeria and that is why we recently launched a new very affordable collection - the 5K Collection, a variety of high quality glasses and sunglasses priced at only 5,000 naira. Can you beat that?
Naij: Lol...Apparently not. So, what are some of the brands you deal in?
Jaime: stocks genuine glasses and sunglasses from premium designer brands including Ray-Ban, D&G, Gucci, Tom Ford or Carrera as well as our own private label. We also sell contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Zeiss or Clearlab.

Naij: How has it been for you in Nigeria with the Share some of your challenges with us.
Jaime: So far it has been a very enriching experience. The 2 main challenges we have are: educating the market about the possibilities of eCommerce; i.e. convincing a 50 year old woman in Kano that she can order glasses online, and have them delivered in 7-10 days, and also making sure that fulfillment of that order is achieved.
Luckily, the team I have is great, and every day they push harder and harder to make Nigerians aware of the possibility to order glasses and sunglasses online,and every day they push to have a better delivery service.
Naij: What will you say makes stand out from all other e-commerce websites?

Jaime: occupies a niche that no other e-commerce company in Nigeria does. We've put together fashion and health in order to become the largest optician in Nigeria. Whenever someone thinks “I need to take care of my eyes”, whether it is glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses, they will think: “I better go to!!!”
Naij: What do you like best about your business; what’s your favourite part of

Jaime: Firstly, the products we work with. It is not only aesthetic, but also functional. We sell and deliver to your door glasses or contact lenses that you may be using to read, or that you may be using to work, and sunglasses that you use to protect your eyes outdoor, and that actually make you look gorgeous!
Secondly, the environment in the team. We've put together a pool of young very talented guys, with the ambition of defining the eCommerce space and changing the lives of people. We have regular chats where we share ideas and opinions about the market.
Naij: So, what’s next for Jaime?

Jaime: For the moment, becoming THE optician of Nigeria, servicing our customers in 24 hours. We're fully committed to Nigeria, and once that step is achieved, we can think of others.
Naij: What else would you like your customers and our readers to know about you and

Jaime: is committed to providing Nigerians with the best quality eye-wear to keep their vision intact. We will never compromise our standard, but we will always strive to sell our products at affordable prices.

So there you have it, quality brands you can rely on for eye-wear, delivered right at your doorstep. Can you beat that?

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