Monday, 10 December 2012

You dont want to miss this

This launch has a KILLER EPC (already tested & proven),
along with a tweaked and tested funnel all the way to every
exit page with NO stone left unturned.
THIS is happening on 12.12.12 so ensure to hard code that
date. Put a post it note on your screen. Actually stick it
there with super glue as you don't want to miss this. 
Some say it's going to be the mother of all launches:
Months and months of outstanding testing, tweaking, every
little nut and bolt fixed to the core has gone into this.
This launch is backed by ONE of the MOST outrageous
marketers of it's time. He cause server crashes and the
commissions are just insanely TOO generous. 
Last time he brought Private Jets, Fast Cars, Yachts,
Mansions and Sexy Babes to the party, but this time, it's
going to be MAYHEM!
Systems are all set to go.
I'm confident that it will make you a lot of money!
Let me say that again … A LOT OF MONEY!!
Sign up as an affiliate and generate huge commissions...
Video pitch and angle is unseen. He's got tricks under his
sleeve come launch day as the ridiculous amounts of sales
you're going to make, you'll be sorry for not getting at the
JVs are lined up like soldiers so I want to personally THANK
them for reaching out in advance.
To top it off, he also reciprocates and has been supporting
hundreds of launches since 2006. Scratch his back and he'll
be all over you.
You surely don't want to miss the fun. Surely you've seen
one of his launches before?
Here's a taster...
Sign up to the link below to get ready to cash the easiest
cash you're registered for any launch to date.
Over $37,786 cash to distribute and prizes too!
I'm not gonna tell you this is going to be epic and will
break all time records.
To be frank… this SHALL mark another date in launch history.
We want YOUR support.
Sign up below as an affiliate now!
[Your Name]

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